The 5 Best Printer Apps for Android

By | April 28, 2017

Mobile printing application can facilitate you to print documents via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. There are various applications that directly connect with social networking sites, online website hosting and Cloud. You can print anything with your phone as long as the printer goes into your range. This application offers printer status and settings of your phone. You can try to use these following Printer Apps for Android.

Best Printer Apps for Android

Epson iPrint

Epson iPrint

This is a mobile application that allows you to print from mobile devices to a variety of printers from Epson. Epson iPrint uses WiFi to connect to the printer application. You can share documents and print documents that you want. This printer has a compatibility feature for all Microsoft Office products such as web pages, documents, PDF, Excel, Word, and so forth. This application also supports access to hosting sites like Google Docs and Dropbox.

Download Epson iPrint App HERE

HP All-in-One Printer Remote

HP Print Control

It is an application made by Hewlett Packard. This application provides a mobile device to manage all paper and digital content efficiently. This application allows you to scan all paper documents and can take any documents in the cloud. You can scan documents using these devices and manage all the settings on your printer. This application allows you to provide content scanning and storing the content in Google Drive, Evernote, Box, and so forth. You can use the full control to Microsoft Office documents, email attachments, photos, and so forth. You can print out all the content in a variety of formats on your mobile devices.

Download HP All-in-One Printer Remote App HERE

Lexmark Mobile Printing

Lexmark Mobile Printing

It is an application that allows you to send images and documents directly to the Lexmark device connected to a home or business network. If you are ready to print, then you only need to share files with this application. Usually, you will be asked to search for a network, the discovery of a QR code, and enter an URL, hostname or IP address of the printer. This is an application that can manage duplex, the number of pages and copies of all print jobs.

Download Lexmark Mobile Printing App HERE



It is a powerful application. You can get this app for free but you have to pay after using a 30-day trial period. All content of the web hosting and social networking sites can be printed through this application. You only need to use a printer that supports this application. You can print documents quickly with this printer.

Download PrintJinni App HERE

Samsung Mobile Print

Samsung Mobile Print

This is an application from Samsung that can be downloaded for free. You can send a fax, print, or scan the content of the tablet and android for all Samsung laser printer. This application can send or print the fax and digital content such as web pages, emails, images, PDFs, and documents.

Download Samsung Mobile Print App HERE

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